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3D Printed Microfluidic Device with Integrated Biosensors for Online Analysis of Subcutaneous Human Microdialysate

Gowers, Sally A. N., Curto, Vincenzo F., Seneci, Carlo A., Wang, Chu, Anastasova, Salzitsa, Vadgama, Pankaj, Yang, Guang-Zhong, Boutelle, Martyn G.
Analytical chemistry 2015 v.87 no.15 pp. 7763-7770
bicycling, biosensors, electrodes, glucose, humans, lactic acid, metabolites, microdialysis, monitoring
This work presents the design, fabrication, and characterization of a robust 3D printed microfluidic analysis system that integrates with FDA-approved clinical microdialysis probes for continuous monitoring of human tissue metabolite levels. The microfluidic device incorporates removable needle type integrated biosensors for glucose and lactate, which are optimized for high tissue concentrations, housed in novel 3D printed electrode holders. A soft compressible 3D printed elastomer at the base of the holder ensures a good seal with the microfluidic chip. Optimization of the channel size significantly improves the response time of the sensor. As a proof-of-concept study, our microfluidic device was coupled to lab-built wireless potentiostats and used to monitor real-time subcutaneous glucose and lactate levels in cyclists undergoing a training regime.