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Atomic Layer Deposition Modified Track-Etched Conical Nanochannels for Protein Sensing

Wang, Ceming, Fu, Qibin, Wang, Xinwei, Kong, Delin, Sheng, Qian, Wang, Yugang, Chen, Qiang, Xue, Jianming
Analytical chemistry 2015 v.87 no.16 pp. 8227-8233
aluminum oxide, bovine serum albumin, nanopores, nucleic acids, transport proteins
Nanopore-based devices have recently become popular tools to detect biomolecules at the single-molecule level. Unlike the long-chain nucleic acids, protein molecules are still quite challenging to detect, since the protein molecules are much smaller in size and usually travel too fast through the nanopore with poor signal-to-noise ratio of the induced transport signals. In this work, we demonstrate a new type of nanopore device based on atomic layer deposition (ALD) Al₂O₃ modified track-etched conical nanochannels for protein sensing. These devices show very promising properties of high protein (bovine serum albumin) capture rate with well time-resolved transport signals and excellent signal-to-noise ratio for the transport events. Also, a special mechanism involving transient process of ion redistribution inside the nanochannel is proposed to explain the unusual biphasic waveshapes of the current change induced by the protein transport.