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Static magnetic fields in culture of Chlorella fusca: Bioeffects on growth and biomass composition

Deamici, Kricelle Mosquera, Cardias, Bruna Barcelos, Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira, Santos, Lucielen Oliveira
Process biochemistry 2016 v.51 no.7 pp. 912-916
Chlorella, algae culture, bioactive properties, biofuels, biomass, carbohydrate content, ferrimagnetic materials, lipid content, magnetic fields, metabolism, methodology
Static magnetic fields (SMF) are being studied in microorganism cultures and there are reports that it could accelerate growth or cause changes in metabolism. Thus, this study aims to evaluating the influence of SMF on growth and biomass composition obtained in culture of Chlorella fusca LEB 111 in vertical tubular photobioreactor (VTP). SMF of 30 and 60mT was generated by ferrite magnets and applied for 24hd⁻¹ and 1hd⁻¹ for 15 days. The growth of C. fusca was evaluated by kinetic parameters and the biomass obtained was evaluated by protein, carbohydrate, and lipid content. SMF of 60mT for 24hd⁻¹ increased the biomass concentration and the carbohydrate content, it was 20.5% and 24.8% higher than control culture, respectively. Magnetic treatment is a new method to culture microalgae that can accelerate growth and increase compounds of interest, which can be used as food or biofuel.