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Application of Market Basket Analysis for the Visualization of Transaction Data Based on Human Lifestyle and Spectroscopic Measurements

Shiokawa, Yuka, Misawa, Takuma, Date, Yasuhiro, Kikuchi, Jun
Analytical chemistry 2016 v.88 no.5 pp. 2714-2719
atomic absorption spectrometry, data collection, excretion, fish, food intake, humans, lifestyle, markets, metabolites, metabolomics, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, social sciences, spectral analysis, trimethylamine
With the innovation of high-throughput metabolic profiling methods such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), data mining techniques that can reveal valuable information from substantial data sets are constantly desired in this field. In particular, for the analytical assessment of various human lifestyles, advanced computational methods are ultimately needed. In this study, we applied market basket analysis, which is generally applied in social sciences such as marketing, and used transaction data derived from dietary intake information and urinary chemical data generated using NMR and inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry measurements. The analysis revealed several relationships, such as fish diets with high trimethylamine N-oxide excretion and N-methylnicotinamide excreted at higher levels in the morning and produced from a protein that was consumed one day prior. Therefore, market basket analysis can be applied to metabolic profiling to effectively understand the relationships between metabolites and lifestyle.