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Developing and sustainably utilize the coastal mudflat areas in China

Long, Xiao-hua, Liu, Li-ping, Shao, Tian-yun, Shao, Hong-bo, Liu, Zhao-pu
The Science of the total environment 2016 v.569-570 pp. 1077-1086
coasts, halophytes, land resources, models, planting, salt tolerance, soil remediation, sustainable development, China
Coastal mudflat areas are regarded as the important reserve land resource in China. Rational exploitation and development of the mudflat areas can relieve the stress of inadequate land resources. Probing into the developing models of resource exploitation of coastal tidal mudflats is one of the important components of achieving the sustainable development in the coastal areas. Therefore, the development history of coastal mudflats after 1950s in China is briefly introduced in this paper. Then, the status in quo of the modes of development and utilization of coastal mudflat in China the paper is reviewed with a special attention payed to the agricultural use of coastal resource, especially halophytes and improved salt-tolerant varieties planting, agricultural dyke pond and coastal saline-alkali soil remediation. Based on related research frontier, sustainable developmental prospects of these coastal areas are presented as well.