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Comparison among NH3 and GHGs emissive patterns from different housing solutions of dairy farms

Baldini, Cecilia, Borgonovo, Federica, Gardoni, Davide, Guarino, Marcella
Atmospheric environment 2016 v.141 pp. 60-66
ammonia, atmospheric chemistry, buildings, carbon dioxide, cattle housing, dairy cattle, dairy farming, emissions factor, farming systems, farms, floors, greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gases, management systems, manure handling, methane, nitrous oxide, pollutants, rubber, straw, Italy
Agriculture and livestock farming are known to be activities emitting relevant quantities of atmospheric pollutants. In particular, in intensive animal farming, buildings can be identified as a relevant source of ammonia and greenhouse gases. This study aimed at: i) determining the emission factors of NH3, N2O, CH4, and CO2 from different dairy farms in Italy, and ii) assessing the effects of the different floor types and manure-handling systems used, in order to minimize the impact of this important productive sector.A measurement campaign was carried out for 27 months in four naturally ventilated dairy cattle buildings with different floor types, layouts and manure management systems, representative of the most common technologies in the north of Italy. Gas emissions were measured with the “static chamber method”: a chamber was placed above the floor farm and an infrared photoacoustic detector (IPD) was used to monitor gas accumulation over time.In the feeding alleys, emissions of NH3 were higher from solid floors than from flushing systems and perforated floors. N2O emissions were significantly different among farms but the absolute values were relatively low. CH4 and CO2 emissions were higher from perforated floors than from other types of housing solution. Regarding the cubicles, the emissions of NH3 were approximately equal from the two housing solution studied. Contrariwise, N2O, CH4 and CO2 emissions were different between the cubicles with rubber mat and those with straw where the highest values were found.