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Life cycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions for fluorescent lamps in mainland China

Chen, Sha, Zhang, Jiaxing, Kim, Junbeum
The Science of the total environment 2017 v.575 pp. 467-473
carbon dioxide, fluorescence, greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gases, lamps, life cycle assessment, manufacturing, raw materials, trade, China
China is the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide, and it is also one of the largest fluorescent lamp consuming and producing country in the world. However, there are few studies evaluating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of fluorescent lamps in China. This analysis compared GHG emissions of compact fluorescent lamps with linear fluorescent lamps using life cycle assessment method in China's national conditions. The GHG emissions of fluorescent lamps from their manufacture to the final disposal phase on the national level of China were also quantified. The results indicate that the use phase dominates the GHG emissions for both lamps. Linear fluorescent lamp is a better source of light compared to compact fluorescent lamp with respect to GHG emissions. The analysis found that in 2011, China generated around 710.90milliontons CO2-eq associated with fluorescent lamps. The raw material production and use phases accounted for major GHG emissions. More than half of GHG emissions during the domestic production were embodied in the exported lamps in recent years. This urges the government to take necessary measures that lead to more environmental friendly production, consumption and trade patterns.