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Neonatal death: Case definition & guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of immunization safety data

Pathirana, Jayani, Muñoz, Flor M., Abbing-Karahagopian, Victoria, Bhat, Niranjan, Harris, Tara, Kapoor, Ambujam, Keene, Daniel L., Mangili, Alexandra, Padula, Michael A., Pande, Stephen L., Pool, Vitali, Pourmalek, Farshad, Varricchio, Frederick, Kochhar, Sonali, Cutland, Clare L.
Vaccine 2016 v.34 no.49 pp. 6027-6037
children, data collection, death, guidelines, immunization, morbidity, mortality, neonates, pregnant women, vaccines, viability
More than 40% of all deaths in children under 5 years of age occur during the neonatal period: the first month of life. Immunization of pregnant women has proven beneficial to both mother and infant by decreasing morbidity and mortality. With an increasing number of immunization trials being conducted in pregnant women, as well as roll-out of recommended vaccines to pregnant women, there is a need to clarify details of a neonatal death. This manuscript defines levels of certainty of a neonatal death, related to the viability of the neonate, who confirmed the death, and the timing of the death during the neonatal period and in relation to immunization of the mother.