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Characterization of a novel edible film based on gum ghatti: Effect of plasticizer type and concentration

Zhang, Pingping, Zhao, Ya, Shi, Qilong
Carbohydrate polymers 2016 v.153 pp. 345-355
X-ray diffraction, color, contact angle, crystal structure, edible films, glass transition temperature, modulus of elasticity, optical properties, oxygen, permeability, plasticizers, separation, tensile strength, water content, water solubility, water vapor
The feasibility of using gum ghatti (GG) as a novel film-forming material was investigated. Physical, barrier, mechanical and optical properties were determined as a function of GG content, plasticizer type and concentration. Sorbitol-GG films had lower moisture content, water contact angle, water vapor permeability and oxygen permeability but higher water solubility than glycerol-GG ones. Tensile strength and elastic modulus of films decreased whereas elongation at break increased with plasticizer concentration. GG films tended to be green and yellow. Film′s total color difference increased and whiteness index decreased with plasticizer concentration. Glass transition temperature of films decreased with increasing plasticizer concentration. Smooth and regular surface morphology without phase separation between film′s components were ascertained using scanning electron micrograph. X-ray diffraction revealed an amorphous-crystalline structure of GG films and crystallinity index decreased with increasing plasticizer concentration. GG has a promising potential in edible films production.