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Supplementation of the sow diet with chitosan oligosaccharide during late gestation and lactation affects hepatic gluconeogenesis of suckling piglets

Xie, Chunyan, Guo, Xiaoyun, Long, Cimin, Fan, Zhiyong, Xiao, Dingfu, Ruan, Zheng, Deng, Ze-yuan, Wu, Xin, Yin, Yulong
Animal reproduction science 2015 v.159 pp. 109-117
amino acids, animal disease models, blood glucose, chitosan, diabetes, dietary supplements, free fatty acids, gene expression, genes, gluconeogenesis, glycogen, hypoglycemia, lactation, liver, maternal nutrition, messenger RNA, mothers, oligosaccharides, piglets, pregnancy, progeny, proteins, rats, sow milk, sows, suckling, weaning weight
Chitosan oligosaccharide (COS) has a blood glucose lowering effect in diabetic rats and is widely used as a dietary supplement. However, the effect of COS on the offspring of supplemented mothers is unknown. This experiment investigates the effect of supplementing sows during gestation and lactation on the levels of plasma glucose on suckling piglets. From day 85 of gestation to day 14 of lactation, 40 pregnant sows were divided into two treatment groups and fed either a control diet or a control diet containing 30mgCOS/kg. One 14 day old piglet per pen was selected to collect plasma and tissue (8pens/diet). Performance, hepatic gluconeogenesis genes and proteins expression, amino acids contents in sow milk, hepatic glycogen and free fatty acid were determined. Results showed that supplementation of the maternal diet with COS improved daily gain and weaning weight (P<0.05), and the concentration of amino acids in sow milk (P<0.05). Meanwhile, maternal supplementation with COS increased (P<0.05) mRNA expression levels and activities of PEPCK-C, PEPCK-M and G6Pase in the liver of piglets compared with piglets from control fed sows. Correspondingly, the level of plasma glucose was higher (P<0.001) and hepatic glycogen was lower (P<0.05) in piglets from COS fed sows when compared with that in the control group. In conclusion, dietary supplementation of the diet with COS during late gestation and lactation reduced piglet hypoglycemia by stimulating hepatic gluconeogenesis and improved the growth rate of suckling piglets.