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Effect on health promoting phytochemicals following seaweed application, in potato and onion crops grown under a low input agricultural system

Lola-Luz, Theodora, Hennequart, Franck, Gaffney, Michael
Scientia horticulturae 2014 v.170 pp. 224-227
Ascophyllum nodosum, cold, crops, flavonoids, fruits, health promotion, heart diseases, macroalgae, neoplasms, onions, phytopharmaceuticals, plant extracts, potatoes, risk, stroke, Greece, Ireland
Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is linked with a lowered risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke. Two different pilot studies were set up in Greece (potato), and Ireland (onion) to study the effect of a commercial cold process seaweed extract from Ascophyllum nodosum on the yield and phytochemical content of potato and onion. Results from this study indicated that there was an increase in phenolic and flavonoid content in onion while in potato significant differences were detected only in flavonoid content. There were no statistically significant differences in yield in either crop, although seaweed treated potato plants had higher yields. These results indicate the potential of seaweed extracts in increasing the phytochemical content of vegetables.