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Variation in milk coagulation properties does not affect cheese yield and composition of model cheese

Bonfatti, Valentina, Tuzzato, Matteo, Chiarot, Gianluca, Carnier, Paolo
International dairy journal 2014 v.39 no.1 pp. 139-145
cheeses, coagulation, cutting, firmness, milk, milk fat, protein content, ripening
Mini-cheese rounds were manufactured from four types of milk differing in milk coagulation properties (MCP) to investigate the effect of variation in MCP on unadjusted cheese yield (UCY), cheese yield adjusted for milk fat and protein content (ACY), recovery rates of milk constituents in cheese and cheese composition. A randomised complete block design with four treatment groups was replicated five times in each of two trials. In Trial 1, optimal curd cutting time was determined on the basis of vat curd firmness, whereas in Trial 2 curd cutting occurred at a fixed time, irrespective of vat curd firmness. In Trial 1, no significant across-groups difference was detected in UCY and ACY from 7 to 90 d and from 20 min to 90 d of ripening, respectively. In Trial 2 we observed relevant differences in UCY across groups, but such differences were not linearly associated with MCP.