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Antioxidant diet supplementation and lamb quality throughout preservation time

Muela, E., Alonso, V., Campo, M.M., Sañudo, C., Beltrán, J.A.
Meat science 2014 v.98 no.2 pp. 289-295
antioxidant activity, antioxidants, chops, color, diet, flavonoids, lipid peroxidation, lipids, longissimus muscle, meat quality, modified atmosphere packaging, myoglobin, pH, vitamin E
Diet supplementation (DS) (100, 200, 300ppm vitamin E -VE; 150ppm product rich in flavonoids—PRF; 100+100ppm VE-PRF; no supplementation) effect was evaluated on lamb quality throughout 10days after sampling (preservation time: PT). pH, colour, myoglobin forms and lipid oxidation were analyzed on Longissimus muscle. Trained panellists evaluated colour intensity of chops packaged in modified atmosphere under display up to 12days. PT had a larger effect on quality than DS. DS showed a clear antioxidant effect on lipids, especially at long PT and at high doses of VE. Visual test showed statistical differences among DS from day 4 of display where 200 and 300ppm VE improved visual colour score. In general, supplementation with antioxidants showed better meat quality and diets higher than 100ppm VE showed higher antioxidant capacity than the rest. The PRF diet was similar for a short PT but lower at a long PT. More research on flavonoids is necessary.