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Effects of acerola fruit extract on sensory and shelf-life of salted beef patties from grinds differing in fatty acid composition

Realini, C.E., Guàrdia, M.D., Díaz, I., García-Regueiro, J.A., Arnau, J.
Meat science 2015 v.99 pp. 18-24
acerolas, antioxidants, bulls, color, conjugated linoleic acid, diet, fatty acid composition, flavor, fruit extracts, ground beef, linseed, lipid peroxidation, omega-3 fatty acids, patties, shelf life
The effects of added acerola fruit extract on sensory and shelf-life of beef patties were evaluated. Ground beef was obtained from young bulls fed one of four diets (CON: control, LIN: linseed, CLA: conjugated linoleic acid, LINCLA: LIN plus CLA). Pre-salted (1.8% w/w) beef patties (7.7% fat) with (0.15% w/w) or without acerola were packed in modified atmosphere (80%O2:20%CO2) and displayed in a retail case for 8days. There were no interactions between diet and antioxidant treatments. LIN and/or CLA had no effect on color and lipid stability during display. However, LIN increased n−3 fatty acids in beef and tended to increase intensity of rancid flavor. Addition of acerola extended shelf-life by at least 3days by improving color and lipid stability and a decreased trend in intensity of rancid flavor of patties without affecting microbial counts. Thus, the use of acerola as a natural antioxidant can be considered an effective method to retard color and lipid oxidation in beef patties.