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Nutritional properties and consumer evaluation of donkey bresaola and salami: Comparison with conventional products

Marino, R., Albenzio, M., della Malva, A., Muscio, A., Sevi, A.
Meat science 2015 v.101 pp. 19-24
asses, beef, consumer acceptance, essential amino acids, fatty acid composition, lipid content, nutrition assessment, nutritive value, polyunsaturated fatty acids, pork, protein content, salami, saturated fatty acids
Nutritional properties and consumer evaluation were performed in bresaola and salami from donkey meat compared with respective conventional products. Donkey bresaola and salami showed higher content of protein and lower content of fat than beef bresaola and pork salami. Significant differences in the unsaturation level of fatty acids were found. Particularly, donkey meat products showed lower saturated fatty acids, higher polyunsatured fatty acid content and better nutritional indices than conventional beef bresaola and pork salami. Furthermore, donkey meat products, especially bresaola, showed the highest content of essential amino acids. Both donkey meat products resulted to be more tender than conventional products, in addition donkey bresaola showed also higher consumer acceptability. Our investigation demonstrates the possibility of processing donkey meat into products comparable to traditional ones with a high nutritional value.