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Meat quality of lamb frozen stored up to 21months: Instrumental analyses on thawed meat during display

Muela, E., Monge, P., Sañudo, C., Campo, M.M., Beltrán, J.A.
Meat science 2015 v.102 pp. 35-40
color, cooking quality, frozen storage, lipid peroxidation, longissimus muscle, meat, meat quality, modified atmosphere packaging, pH, storage time, texture, water holding capacity
The study analysed the effect of frozen storage duration (FSD: 0, 1, 9, 15 or 21months) and display duration (DD: 0–24h post-slaughter-, 3 and 6days) in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on lamb quality. pH, colour, lipid oxidation, water holding capacity and instrumental texture were performed on Longissimus muscle in displayed fresh and thawed meat. FSD affected all the variables showing lower differences between fresh and 1month storage than among them and longer FSD. Only cooking losses were not affected by DD in thawed meats. It was observed a general decrease in quality (lower redness and water holding capacity; higher yellowness and lipid oxidation) as FSD or DD increased and only texture was improved over DD being thawed meat more tender. In conclusion, lamb storage at −18°C should not exceed 1month if thawed meat would be later displayed in MAP while meat would have an acceptable quality up to 21months without subsequent display.