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Effective cutaneous vaccination using an inactivated chikungunya virus vaccine delivered by Foroderm

Rudd, Penny A., Raphael, Anthony P., Yamada, Miko, Nufer, Kaitlin L., Gardner, Joy, Le, Thuy T.T., Prow, Natalie A., Dang, Nhung, Schroder, Wayne A., Prow, Tarl W., Suhrbier, Andreas
Vaccine 2015 v.33 no.39 pp. 5172-5180
Chikungunya virus, T-lymphocytes, antibodies, antigen-presenting cells, cytokines, lymph nodes, mice, silica, vaccination, vaccines, viremia
Foroderm is a new cutaneous delivery technology that uses high-aspect ratio, cylindrical silica microparticles, that are massaged into the skin using a 3D-printed microtextured applicator, in order to deliver payloads across the epidermis. Herein we show that this technology is effective for delivery of a non-adjuvanted, inactivated, whole-virus chikungunya virus vaccine in mice, with minimal post-vaccination skin reactions. A single topical Foroderm-based vaccination induced T cell, Th1 cytokine and antibody responses, which provided complete protection against viraemia and disease after challenge with chikungunya virus. Foroderm vaccination was shown to deliver fluorescent, virus-sized beads across the epidermis, with beads subsequently detected in draining lymph nodes. Foroderm vaccination also stimulated the egress of MHC II+ antigen presenting cells from the skin. Foroderm thus has potential as a simple, cheap, effective, generic, needle-free technology for topical delivery of vaccines.