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Simultaneous separation and purification of total polyphenols, chlorogenic acid and phlorizin from thinned young apples

Sun, Lijun, Guo, Yurong, Fu, Chengcheng, Li, Jingjing, Li, Zhuo
Food chemistry 2013 v.136 no.2 pp. 1022-1029
adsorption, apples, chlorogenic acid, desorption, pH, polyphenols, resins, sorption isotherms
An efficient preparative separation of polyphenols from thinned young apples (TYA) has been developed in the present study. X-5 resin was verified to offer the best adsorption capacity and desorption ratio for total polyphenols among the eight macroporous resins investigated. Influential factors, such as pH value and concentration of feeding solution, strippant, and adsorption isotherm to the separation of total polyphenols, were successively investigated on X-5 resin. After one run treatment, the phenolic content was increased 2.12-fold from 35.17% to 74.64%, with a recovery yield of 89.35%. Chlorogenic acid and phlorizin were selectively purified using X-5 and polyamide resins. The contents of chlorogenic acid and phlorizin were 15.20% and 97.52% with recovery yields of 89.16% and 64.95%, respectively. The method developed will provide a potential approach for its wide industrial and pharmaceutical use.