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The Influence of the Water Quality on the Droplet Spectrum Produced by Agricultural Nozzles

Parafiniuk, Stanisław, Milanowski, Marek, Subr, Alaa Kamel
Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 2015 v.7 pp. 203-208
adjuvants, droplet size, droplets, farmers, hardness, nozzles, plant protection, water hardness
The aim of the studies was to check if the quality of water, which was taken from different sources, to plant protection treatments influences the change of the droplet size generated by an agricultural nozzle. For the study water taken from 3 different sources was used and demineralized water was used as a reference. The water quality was evaluated as far as its hardness was concerned. Water hardness was measured with a droplet test. One of the most frequently used by farmers type of agricultural nozzle TeeJet VP of the size 110/02 was used in the study. The study was performed in two combinations. One of them was carried out for the pure water and the second one for water with addition of agricultural spray adjuvant Superam 10AL. The measurements were done with three pressure values: 2bar, 3bar and 4bar in three repetitions. The droplet size was measured with a laser diffractometer HELOS/R by Sympatec. The study showed that water hardness did not have any significant influence on the droplet size formed by agricultural nozzles. Adding of agricultural spray adjuvant to the water did not cause any significant change in the droplet size, however, the difference in water hardness caused the decrease of a diameter of formed droplets. The results were compared in a tabular and graphic form. In the next phase of the study for individual types of waters agricultural spray adjuvant was added to check how it influences the change of the size of droplets produced by the nozzles with sliding pressure in the whole range of the stream sprayed by the nozzle.