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Bio-augmentation for mitigating the impact of transient oxytetracycline shock on anaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX) performance

Jin, Ren-Cun, Zhang, Qian-Qian, Zhang, Zheng-Zhe, Liu, Jia-Hong, Yang, Bi-E., Guo, Li-Xin, Wang, Hui-Zhong
Bioresource technology 2014 v.163 pp. 244-253
anaerobic ammonium oxidation, bioaugmentation, heme, oxytetracycline, sludge
The feasibility of applying bio-augmentation tactics to remit the influence of transient oxytetracycline (OTC) shock on the anaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX) process was evaluated. The bio-augmentation was applied together with shock test, with OTC shock concentration of 518mgL−1 and 1-h duration. 0.655–2.62g volatile suspended solid (VSS) sludges were varied to optimize bio-augmentation dosage (BAD), and appropriate bio-augmentation time (BAT) was determined. The validity of the bio-augmentation was indicated by recovery performance and sludge characteristics. The restoring time of 38h for bio-augmented reactor was shorter than that of non-bio-augmented reactor (45h), and heme c content was increased respectively from 0.195±0.001, 0.267±0.047, 0.301±0.049, to 0.340±0.053μmolg−1 VSS with the BAD of 0.655, 1.31, 1.97, 2.62g-VSS. The results suggest that bio-augmentation enhances the recovery of ANAMMOX performance following OTC shock and BAT and BAD are key operational factors.