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Growth and lipid accumulation characteristics of Scenedesmus obliquus in semi-continuous cultivation outdoors for biodiesel feedstock production

Feng, Pingzhong, Yang, Kang, Xu, Zhongbin, Wang, Zhongming, Fan, Lu, Qin, Lei, Zhu, Shunni, Shang, Changhua, Chai, Peng, Yuan, Zhenhong, Hu, Lei
Bioresource technology 2014 v.173 pp. 406-414
Scenedesmus obliquus, biodiesel, biomass production, feedstocks, fuel production, habitats, lipid content, lipids, microalgae
In an effort to identify suitable microalgal species for biodiesel production, seven species were isolated from various habitats and their growth characteristics were compared. The results demonstrated that a green alga Scenedesmus obliquus could grow more rapidly and synthesize more lipids than other six microalgal strains. S. obliquus grew well both indoors and outdoors, and reached higher μmax indoors than that outdoors. However, the cells achieved higher dry weight (4.36gL−1), lipid content (49.6%) and productivity (183mgL−1day−1) outdoors than in indoor cultures. During the 61days semi-continuous cultivation outdoors, high biomass productivities (450–550mgL−1day−1) and μmax (1.05–1.44day−1) were obtained. The cells could also achieve high lipid productivities (151–193mgL−1day−1). These results indicated that S. obliquus was promising for lipids production in semi-continuous cultivation outdoors.