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Absorption degree analysis on biogas separation with ionic liquid systems

Zhang, Xin, Zhang, Suojiang, Bao, Di, Huang, Ying, Zhang, Xiangping
Bioresource technology 2015 v.175 pp. 135-141
absorption, biogas, carbon dioxide, ethers, ionic liquids, mass transfer, methane, thermodynamics
For biogas upgrading, present work mainly focuses on either thermodynamics or mass transfer properties. A systematical study on these two aspects is important for developing a new biogas separation process. In this work, a new criterion “absorption degree”, which combines both thermodynamics and mass transfer properties, was proposed for the first time to comprehensively evaluate the absorption performance. Henry’s law constants of CO2 and CH4 in ionic liquids–polyethylene glycol dimethyl ethers mixtures were investigated. The liquid-side mass transfer coefficients (kL) were determined. The results indicate that IL–NHD mixtures exhibit not only a high CO2/CH4 selectivity, but also a fast kL for CO2 absorption. The [bmim][NO3]+NHD mixtures present a high absorption degree value for CO2 but a low value for CH4. For presenting a highest relative absorption degree value, the 50wt% [bmim][NO3]+50wt% NHD mixture is recommended for biogas upgrading.