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Hydrothermal pretreatment of several lignocellulosic mixtures containing wheat straw and two hardwood residues available in Southern Europe

Silva-Fernandes, Talita, Duarte, Luís Chorão, Carvalheiro, Florbela, Loureiro-Dias, Maria Conceição, Fonseca, César, Gírio, Francisco
Bioresource technology 2015 v.183 pp. 213-220
Eucalyptus, Olea europaea, biomass, hardwood, lignin, lignocellulose, models, olives, pruning, trees, wheat straw, Southern European region
This work studied the processing of biomass mixtures containing three lignocellulosic materials largely available in Southern Europe, eucalyptus residues (ER), wheat straw (WS) and olive tree pruning (OP). The mixtures were chemically characterized, and their pretreatment, by autohydrolysis, evaluated within a severity factor (logR0) ranging from 1.73 up to 4.24. A simple modeling strategy was used to optimize the autohydrolysis conditions based on the chemical characterization of the liquid fraction. The solid fraction was characterized to quantify the polysaccharide and lignin content. The pretreatment conditions for maximal saccharides recovery in the liquid fraction were at a severity range (logR0) of 3.65–3.72, independently of the mixture tested, which suggests that autohydrolysis can effectively process mixtures of lignocellulosic materials for further biochemical conversion processes.