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Enhancing the hydrolysis and methane production potential of mixed food waste by an effective enzymatic pretreatment

Uçkun Kiran, Esra, Trzcinski, Antoine P., Liu, Yu
Bioresource technology 2015 v.183 pp. 47-52
amino nitrogen, anaerobic digestion, biogas, chemical oxygen demand, energy recovery, enzymes, food waste, fungi, glucose, hydrolysis, mash, methane production, solid state fermentation
In this study, a fungal mash rich in hydrolytic enzymes was produced by solid state fermentation (SSF) of waste cake in a simple and efficient manner and was further applied for high-efficiency hydrolysis of mixed food wastes (FW). The enzymatic pretreatment of FW with this fungal mash resulted in 89.1g/L glucose, 2.4g/L free amino nitrogen, 165g/L soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD) and 64% reduction in volatile solids within 24h. The biomethane yield and production rate from FW pretreated with the fungal mash were found to be respectively about 2.3 and 3.5-times higher than without pretreatment. After anaerobic digestion of pretreated FW, a volatile solids removal of 80.4±3.5% was achieved. The pretreatment of mixed FW with the fungal mash produced in this study is a promising option for enhancing anaerobic digestion of FW in terms of energy recovery and volume reduction.