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Effects of glycerol on enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol production using sugarcane bagasse pretreated by acidified glycerol solution

Zhang, Zhanying, Wong, Heng H., Albertson, Peter L., Harrison, Mark D., Doherty, William O.S., O’Hara, Ian M.
Bioresource technology 2015 v.192 pp. 367-373
cellulases, enzymatic hydrolysis, ethanol, ethanol fermentation, ethanol production, glucans, glycerol, sugarcane bagasse
In this study, for the first time the effects of glycerol on enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol fermentation were investigated. Enzymatic hydrolysis was inhibited slightly with 2.0wt% glycerol, leading to reduction in glucan digestibility from 84.9% without glycerol to 82.9% (72h). With 5.0wt% and 10.0wt% glycerol, glucan digestibility was reduced by 4.5% and 11.0%, respectively. However, glycerol did not irreversibly inhibit cellulase enzymes. Ethanol fermentation was not affected by glycerol up to 5.0wt%, but was inhibited slightly at 10.0wt% glycerol, resulting in reduction in ethanol yield from 86.0% in the absence of glycerol to 83.7% (20h). Based on the results of laboratory and pilot-scale experiments, it was estimated that 0.142kg ethanol can be produced from 1.0kg dry bagasse (a glucan content of 38.0%) after pretreatment with acidified glycerol solution.