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Adult plant stripe rust resistance gene Yr71 maps close to Lr24 in chromosome 3D of common wheat

Bariana, Harbans, Forrest, Kerrie, Qureshi, Naeela, Miah, Hanif, Hayden, Matthew, Bansal, Urmil
Molecular breeding 2016 v.36 no.7 pp. 98
chromosome mapping, cultivars, genes, genotyping, inbred lines, loci, marker-assisted selection, mature plants, microsatellite repeats, seedlings, single nucleotide polymorphism, stripe rust, wheat
Australian cultivar Sunco carries three adult plant stripe rust resistance genes. One of these genes corresponded to Yr18 in chromosome 7DS; the second, YrCK, was mapped on chromosome 2D. Here, we describe the characterization of the third adult plant resistance (APR) gene from Sunco. Sunco/2*Avocet S-derived lines SA65 (resistant) and SA67 (susceptible) were crossed and a recombinant inbred line F₆ population was generated. Monogenic segregation among SA65/SA67-derived RIL population was demonstrated and the resistance locus was designated YrSA3. Selective genotyping using an iSelect 90 K Infinium SNP array and SSR markers located YrSA3 on chromosome 3D. Development of KASP markers for SNP loci showing association with YrSA3 allowed construction of a genetic map harboring the resistance gene. Ten KASP markers (KASP_8306, KASP_9142, KASP_10438, KASP_16434, KASP_17207, KASP_20836, KASP_23518, KASP_23615, KASP_57983 and KASP_63653), one SSR marker (gwm114b) and Lr24/Sr24 were mapped 1.8 cM distal to YrSA3. Comparison of marker data indicated that the previously named seedling stripe rust resistance gene Yr45 was located proximal to YrSA3, and therefore the latter was formally designated Yr71. Two recombinants carrying Lr24/Sr24 and Yr71 in combination were identified for use as donor sources in wheat breeding programs. The robustness of gwm114b, KASP_16434, KASP_17207 and KASP_20836 for marker-assisted selection of these genes was demonstrated through tests on 74 Australian wheat cultivars.