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Deposition CO2 Capture Process Using a Free Piston Stirling Cooler

Song, Chunfeng, Kitamura, Yutaka, Li, Shuhong, Lu, Jingwen
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2013 v.52 no.42 pp. 14936-14943
carbon dioxide, coolers, electric power, energy, engineering, flue gas, mathematical models, temperature
As a promising alternative to mitigate the emission of CO₂, cryogenic CO₂ capture techniques have been paid increasing attention. In our previous works, a novel deposition CO₂ capture process based on free piston Stirling coolers (FPSCs) has been developed. Compared to conventional cryogenic CO₂ capture approaches, FPSC was selected to provide cold energy for CO₂ deposition because of its significant advantages (such as high efficiency, high reliability, small size, environmental friendliness, etc.). The performance of the exploited system has been verified by numerical models. The aim of this work is to experimentally test the CO₂ capture performance of the system. In detail, the influence of the temperature of FPSC and flow rate of the gas stream was investigated. Finally, a brief comparison of the dominant technologies was undertaken. Experimental results showed that the system can capture 95% CO₂ from the simulated flue gas and consume 0.55 MJ electrical energy per kilogram of CO₂ recovered.