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Crystal Shape Evolution Using Polyhedral Population Balance

Shaikh, Latif J., Ranade, Vivek V., Pandit, Aniruddha B.
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2014 v.53 no.49 pp. 18966-18974
computer software, crystallization, crystals, engineering, models, prediction, solutes
Research on crystal morphology covers shape evolution of single crystal and evolution of the size and shape distribution of populations of crystals. The population balance models have been used for the single or multiple dimensions for predicting the evolution of crystal size distributions (CSDs). More often than not these models do not consider the change in solute concentration due to disappearance/appearance of the crystal faces and therefore compromise rigorous mass balance. The present work focuses on the methodology for the morphological evolution of crystal shape using a polyhedral population balance model. This methodology is based on the morphodrome which illustrates the shapes of crystals at various operating conditions. gPROMS software (PSE, UK) along with Microsoft Excel is used to devise the framework for predicting the crystal shape evolution. The developed approach and models can be implemented for various crystallization systems and will be useful for simulating crystal shape evolutions.