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The effects of pH and phosphorus concentrations on the growth potential of medicinal Salvia chamelaeagnea in hydroponic cultivation

Lefever, K., Laubscher, C. P., Ndakidemi, P. A.
Acta horticulturae 2015 no.1104 pp. 29-34
Salvia, branches, growth and development, hydroponics, medicinal plants, pH, phosphorus, roots, shoots
The traditional African medicinal plant Salvia chamelaeagnea has shown potential as a clinical medicinal crop, but there has been little investigation into the ideal cultivation techniques and conditions for production. This study investigated the effects of supplementary phosphorus and different pH levels on the growth and development of Salvia chamelaeagnea by assessing the height, number of branches, root length, and fresh and dry weights of roots and shoots of the plants grown in a hydroponic system over an eight-week period. The treatments of pH 4, pH 6 and pH 8 were combined with 31, 90, 150 or 210 ppm of phosphorus to a total of twelve groups of plants. The combination treatment of pH 4 and 90 ppm of phosphorus had a significant effect on the growth and development of Salvia chamelaeagnea grown in hydroponic cultivation.