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Structurally Defined Nanoscale Sheets from Self-Assembly of Collagen-Mimetic Peptides

Jiang, Tao, Xu, Chunfu, Liu, Yang, Liu, Zheng, Wall, Joseph S., Zuo, Xiaobing, Lian, Tianquan, Salaita, Khalid, Ni, Chaoying, Pochan, Darrin, Conticello, Vincent P.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014 v.136 no.11 pp. 4300-4308
collagen, electrostatic interactions, nanosheets, peptides
We report the design of two collagen-mimetic peptide sequences, NSI and NSII, that self-assemble into structurally defined nanoscale sheets. The underlying structure of these nanosheets can be understood in terms of the layered packing of collagen triple helices in two dimensions. These nanosheet assemblies represent a novel morphology for collagen-based materials, which, on the basis of their defined structure, may be envisioned as potentially biocompatible platforms for controlled presentation of chemical functionality at the nanoscale. The molecularly programmed self-assembly of peptides NSI and NSII into nanosheets suggests that sequence-specific macromolecules offer significant promise as design elements for two-dimensional (2D) assemblies. This investigation provides a design rubric for fabrication of structurally defined, peptide-based nanosheets using the principles of solution-based self-assembly facilitated through complementary electrostatic interactions.