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Afi-Chip: An Equipment-Free, Low-Cost, and Universal Binding Ligand Affinity Evaluation Platform

Song, Yanling, Shi, Yuanzhi, Li, Xingrui, Ma, Yanli, Gao, Mingxuan, Liu, Dan, Mao, Yu, Zhu, Zhi, Lin, Hui, Yang, Chaoyong
Analytical chemistry 2016 v.88 no.16 pp. 8294-8301
binding capacity, biomarkers, dissociation, drugs, enzymatic reactions, equipment, flow cytometry, glucose, hydrogen peroxide, ligands, mixing, monitoring, neoplasm cells, neoplasms, oligonucleotides, screening
Binding affinity characterization is of great importance for aptamer screening because the dissociation constant (Kd) value is a key parameter for evaluating molecular interaction. However, conventional methods often require sophisticated equipment and time-consuming processing. Here, we present a portable device, Afi-Chip, as an equipment-free, rapid, low-cost, and universal platform for evaluation of the aptamer affinity. The Afi-Chip displays a distance readout based on the reaction of an enzyme catalyzing the decomposition of H₂O₂ for gas generation to push the movement of ink bar. Taking advantage of translating the recognition signal to distance signal and realizing the regents mixing and quantitative readout on the chip, we successfully monitored the aptamer evolution process and characterized binding affinity of aptamers against multiple types of targets, including small molecule glucose, cancer biomarker protein EpCAM, and tumor cell SW620. We also applied the Afi-Chip for rapid characterization of the affinity between anti-HCG and HCG to demonstrate the generality for the molecular interaction study. All of the Kd values obtained are comparable to those reported in the literature or obtained by sophisticated instruments such as a flow cytometer. The Afi-Chip offers a new approach for equipment-free investigation of molecular interactions, such as aptamer identification, ligand selection monitoring, and drug screening.