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POPcorn: an online resource providing access to distributed and diverse maize project data

Cannon, Ethalinda K.S., Birkett, Scott M., Braun, Bremen L., Kodavali, Sateesh, Jennewein, Douglas M., Yilmaz, Alper, Antonescu, Valentin, Antonescu, Corina, Harper, Lisa C., Gardiner, Jack M., Schaeffer, Mary L., Campbell, Darwin A., Andorf, Carson M., Andorf, Destri, Lisch, Damon, Sen, Taner Z., Lawrence, Carolyn J.
International journal of plant genomics 2011 v.2011
Internet, Zea mays, biologists, databases, genomics, plant genetic resources, research projects, researchers
The purpose of the online resource presented here, POPcorn (Project Portal for corn), is to enhance accessibility of maize genetic and genomic resources for plant biologists. Currently, many online locations are difficult to find, some are best searched independently, and individual project websites often degrade over time—sometimes disappearing entirely. The POPcorn site makes available (1) a centralized, web-accessible resource to search and browse descriptions of ongoing maize genomics projects, (2) a single, stand-alone tool that uses web Services and minimal data warehousing to search for sequence matches in online resources of diverse offsite projects, and (3) a set of tools that enables researchers to migrate their data to the long-term model organism database for maize genetic and genomic information: MaizeGDB. Examples demonstrating POPcorn’s utility are provided herein.