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Effect of processing treatments and storage conditions on stability of fruit juice based beverages enriched with dietary fibers alone and in mixture with xanthan gum

Paquet, Émilie, Hussain, Raza, Bazinet, Laurent, Makhlouf, Joseph, Lemieux, Simone, Turgeon, Sylvie L.
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2014 v.55 no.1 pp. 131-138
barley, beta-glucans, beverages, dietary fiber, fruit juices, guar gum, hydrocolloids, konjac mannan, pasteurization, protective effect, storage time, synergism, turbidity, viscosity, xanthan gum
The present work aims to study the synergistic effect between xanthan gum (X) with a range of hydrocolloids such as barley β-glucan (Bg), guar gum (G), and konjac-mannan (K) on the viscosity of heat-treated fruit juice based beverages. The protective effect of X on the stability of Bg, G, and K in a fruit juice based beverage during processing and storage (0–16 weeks at 4 °C or 20 °C) was also evaluated. The results showed that pasteurization stabilized viscosity and turbidity of beverages enriched in Bg and BgX. However, the viscosity of pasteurized beverages enriched in K and G varied with storage time. In general, addition of X showed a complete protective effect against degradation at 4 °C for K (KX) whereas it provides no protection at all for G (GX). Viscosity and turbidity of beverages prepared with Bg and BgX increased significantly while those with G and K decreased slightly over time. Viscosity and turbidity changes are rapid when beverages are stored at 20 °C. We clearly evidenced that processing and storage treatments along with proper formulation are crucial to ensure technological stability of dietary fibers and X proved to be efficient to stabilize other fibers.