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Behavioural and biochemical stress responses of Palinurus elephas after exposure to boat noise pollution in tank

Filiciotto, Francesco, Vazzana, Mirella, Celi, Monica, Maccarrone, Vincenzo, Ceraulo, Maria, Buffa, Gaspare, Stefano, Vincenzo Di, Mazzola, Salvatore, Buscaino, Giuseppa
Marine pollution bulletin 2014 v.84 no.1-2 pp. 104-114
boats, glucose, lobsters, locomotion, noise pollution, proteins, stress response, water pollution
This study examined the effects of boat noise on the behavioural and biochemical parameters of the Mediterranean spiny lobster (Palinurus elephas).The experiment was conducted in a tank equipped with a video and audio recording system. 18 experimental trials, assigned to boat noise and control conditions, were performed using lobsters in single and group of 4 specimens. After a 1h habituation period, we audio- and video-recorded the lobsters for 1h. During the experimental phase, the animals assigned to the boat groups were exposed to boat noise pollution (a random sequence of boat noises). Exposure to the noise produced significant variations in locomotor behaviours and haemolymphatic parameters. Our results indicate that the lobsters exposed to boat noises increased significantly their locomotor activities and haemolymphatic bioindicator of stressful conditions such as glucose, total proteins, Hsp70 expression and THC when tested both singly and in groups.