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Structural and technological characteristics of starch isolated from sorghum as a function of drying temperature and storage time

Cruz, David Bandeira da, Silva, Wagner Schellin Vieira da, Santos, Ivonir Petrarca dos, Zavareze, Elessandra da Rosa, Elias, Moacir Cardoso
Carbohydrate polymers 2015 v.133 pp. 46-51
crystal structure, drying temperature, grain sorghum, humidity, solubility, starch, storage temperature, storage time, stored grain, swelling (materials)
The quality of sorghum grains can vary according to the conditions of the drying temperature and storage time. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of the drying temperature and storage time of sorghum grain on the structure and technological properties of starch. The sorghum grains were dried at 45, 65, and 85°C and stored for six months. The grains were stored in an environment with a controlled temperature and humidity, and the starch from sorghum grains was isolated in initial time, after three and six months. The sorghum starches grains dried at 45 and 65°C present higher relative crystallinity than the starches of sorghum grains dried at 85°C in three months of storage. A reduction in the solubility of the starches of the sorghum grains dried at 85°C was observed when the grains were stored during six months. The breakdown and swelling power of the starches were reduced with the increase of the drying temperature.