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Expression of expansin genes in the pulp and the dehiscence zone of ripening durian (Durio zibethinus) fruit

Palapol, Yossapol, Kunyamee, Sutin, Thongkhum, Monthatip, Ketsa, Saichol, Ferguson, Ian B., van Doorn, Wouter G.
Journal of plant physiology 2015 v.182 pp. 33-39
1-methylcyclopropene, Durio zibethinus, dehiscence, durians, ethylene, firmness, fruit quality, gene expression, genes, pulp, ripening
Durian (Durio zibethinus) fruit was harvested at the commercially mature stage and stored at 25°C. Durian fruit have 3–5 longitudinal dehiscence zones (DZs) in the peel, which are up to 40cm long and 2cm thick in large fruit. Dehiscence started a week after harvest, was hastened by exogenous ethylene, and delayed by 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), showing that it is regulated by endogenous ethylene. Three genes encoding α-expansins (DzEXP1-3) were isolated. In the expression of these genes increased, prior to dehiscence. Pulp firmness decreased during storage. The decrease was hastened by ethylene and delayed by 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP). Exogenous ethylene promoted gene expression of DzEXP1 both in the DZs and in the pulp. It had a smaller effect on DzEXP2 in the zones and pulp, but did not affect DzEXP3 expression. 1-MCP inhibited the expression of DzEXP1 and, somewhat less, of DzEXP2, but did not affect DzEXP3 expression, both in DZs and pulp. It is concluded that the close relationship between expression of DzEXP1 and DzEXP2 and both dehiscence and fruit softening suggests that these genes are involved in both processes.