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Studies on the Potential of Malted Digitaria exilis, Cyperus esculentus and Colocasia esculenta Flour Blends as Weaning Food Formulation

Onuoha, O.G., Chibuzo, E., Badau, M.
Nigerian Food Journal 2014 v.32 no.2 pp. 40-47
Colocasia esculenta, Cyperus esculentus, Digitaria exilis, bulk density, crops, digestibility, dispersibility, flour, pasting properties, solubility, starch, swelling (materials), viscosity, water binding capacity, weaning, wettability
This work was aimed at evaluating the functional properties of six varying percentage blends of locally abundant, under-utilized crops; malted acha (Digitaria exilis), aya (Cyperus esculentus) and ede (Colocasia esculenta) as a substitute for the traditional weaning food. The results of bulk density and starch digestibility showed a decrease with increasing percentage addition of malted acha with values from 5.889±0.98 to 7.953±0.103 and −5.45 to −13.6 respectively. While water absorption capacity, measure of dispersibility, wettability, swelling power, % solubility increased with increase in percentage addition of malted acha with values from 6.6±0.712 to 8.1±0.1, 2.12 to 37.225, 3.21±0.04 to 3.6±0.03 and 20.64 to 24.46 respectively. There was no significant difference between any of the formulae and the control. Results of pasting properties showed that the peak viscosity, break down, final viscosity and setback values ranges from −0.42±0.085 to −3.67±0.085, 5.63±0.045 to 1.79±0.04, −3.88±0.045 to −1.475±0.275 and 2.17±0.045 to 2.93±0.045 respectively. The formulae compared favourably with the control, a commercially sold weaning food.