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Finely comminuted frankfurters fortified with potato juice – Quality and structure

Kowalczewski, Przemysław Łukasz, Lewandowicz, Grażyna, Krzywdzińska-Bartkowiak, Mirosława, Piątek, Michał, Baranowska, Hanna Maria, Białas, Wojciech, Jeziorna, Magdalena, Kubiak, Piotr
Journal of food engineering 2015 v.167 pp. 183-188
consumer acceptance, droplets, emulsifying, hot dogs, inflammatory bowel disease, juices, lipid content, microstructure, potatoes, proximate composition, saline water, spray drying, texture, water content
An attempt to design a sensorially attractive product addressed to consumers with Inflammatory Bowel Disease was made. Potato juice, in fresh and spray-dried forms, was chosen as bioactive agent, and the quality of finely comminuted frankfurter sausages produced with its addition was evaluated. The obtained products were analyzed for their proximate composition, textural properties, microstructure and water dynamics.The results indicate that sausages produced with potato juice addition find satisfactory consumer acceptance and do not differ significantly in terms of protein, fat, salt and water content. Nonetheless, the form in which the juice was applied significantly influenced texture, microstructure and water dynamics of the final product. While the results obtained with native potato juice addition indicate that it can simply be used in exchange of water in the recipe, the addition of spray-dried juice impacted free water content and fat emulsification enough to significantly change the texture of the ready frankfurters, better dispersion and smaller size of fat droplets were observed. This was accompanied by increased maximum shear force.