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Evaluation of the chemical quality traits of soybean seeds, as related to sensory attributes of soymilk

Ma, Lei, Li, Bin, Han, Fenxia, Yan, Shurong, Wang, Lianzheng, Sun, Junming
Food chemistry 2015 v.173 pp. 694-701
breeding, color, correlation, fatty acid composition, genotype, glycinin, glycitein, hedonic scales, isoflavones, lipid content, odors, protein content, protein subunits, seeds, soybeans, soymilk, sweetness, total soluble solids
The soybean seed chemical quality traits (including protein content, oil content, fatty acid composition, isoflavone content, and protein subunits), soymilk chemical character (soluble solid), and soymilk sensory attributes were evaluated among 70 genotypes to determine the correlation between seed chemical quality traits and soymilk sensory attributes. Six sensory parameters (i.e., soymilk aroma, smoothness in the mouth, thickness in the mouth, sweetness, colour and appearance, and overall acceptability) and a seven-point hedonic scale for each parameter were developed. Significant positive correlations were observed between overall acceptability and the other five evaluation parameters, suggesting that overall acceptability is an ideal parameter for evaluating soymilk flavour. The soymilk sensory attributes were significantly positively correlated with the characteristics of the glycinin (11S)/beta-conglycinin (7S) protein ratio, soluble solid, and oil content but negatively correlated with glycitein and protein content. Our results indicated that soymilk sensory attributes could be improved by selecting the desirable seed chemical quality traits in practical soybean breeding programs.