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Stability of oligosaccharides derived from lactulose during the processing of milk and apple juice

López-Sanz, Sara, Montilla, Antonia, Moreno, F. Javier, Villamiel, Mar
Food chemistry 2015 v.183 pp. 64-71
Maillard reaction, apple juice, bioactive properties, food processing, functional foods, galactooligosaccharides, galactose, ingredients, lactose, lactulose, milk, polymerization, prebiotics, sensory properties, temperature
The scientific evidence on the bioactivity of oligosaccharides from lactulose has encouraged us to study their physicochemical modifications during the processing of milk and apple juice. The carbohydrate fraction with a degree of polymerization ⩾3 was stable in milk heated at temperatures up to 100°C for 30min and in apple juice heated up to 90°C for 15min. An assessment of the Maillard reaction in heated milk pointed out a higher formation of furosine in milk with oligosaccharides from lactulose as compared to its counterpart without this ingredient, due to a higher presence of galactose. The organoleptic properties of juice with oligosaccharides from lactulose were acceptable and similar to those of apple juice with commercial galactooligosaccharides. The results presented herein demonstrate that oligosaccharides from lactulose can be used as prebiotic ingredients in a wide range of functional foods, including those intended for diabetics and lactose intolerant individuals.