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Biobased Flocculants Derived from Animal Processing Protein By-Products

George J. Piazza, Rafael Garcia
Protein Byproducts: Transformation from Environmental Burden Into Value-Added Products 2016 v. no. pp. 135-146
animal byproducts, animal proteins, biobased products, biopolymers, flocculants, molecular weight, pH, value-added products
Synthetic polymeric flocculants are class of substances that are widely used to facilitate the removal of particles or colloidal material from a liquid. Sustainable alternatives for these substances are needed. Past attempts to use biological polymers as flocculants have shown limited success. This chapter describes the utilization of animal by product proteins as flocculants. The role of protein type, molecular weight, and medium pH are discussed, along with the probable mechanism by which protein flocculants act. It is also shown that, as with all flocculants, the performance of animal protein flocculants is dependent on the specifics of the application, so they are well suited to some applications, but not others.