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Effect of high voltage electrostatic field treatment on thawing characteristics and post-thawing quality of frozen pork tenderloin meat

He, Xiangli, Liu, Rui, Nirasawa, Satoru, Zheng, Dejiang, Liu, Haijie
Journal of food engineering 2013 v.115 no.2 pp. 245-250
electrodes, frozen meat, frozen storage, meat quality, nitrogen, pork, temperature, thawing
The thawing characteristics and post-thawing quality of frozen pork treated with high voltage electrostatic fields (HVEF) were compared with those of an air-thawed control. A multiple points-to-plate electrode operating at voltages above 6kV significantly shortened the thawing time. Under electrode voltages 4, 6, 8, and 10kV, thawing times were 70, 52, 46, and 40min respectively, versus 64min in the control. HVEF treatment was particularly effective in the temperature range −5–0°C. HVEF treatment reduced the total microbial counts in thawed frozen meat by 0.5–1 log CFU/g, without affecting meat quality. During five days of post-thawing storage, the volatile basic nitrogen (VBN) levels increased from 10.64 to 16.38mg/100g under 10kV applied voltage, while the control VBNs increased from 10.66 to 19.87mg/100g. This suggests an application potential for HVEF treatment in the thawing and storage of frozen meat.