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A novel delivery system dextran sulfate coated amphiphilic chitosan derivatives-based nanoliposome: Capacity to improve in vitro digestion stability of (−)-epigallocatechin gallate

Zou, Liqiang, Peng, Shengfeng, Liu, Wei, Chen, Xing, Liu, Chengmei
Food research international 2015 v.69 pp. 114-120
chitosan, coatings, dextran, drugs, electrostatic interactions, encapsulation, gastrointestinal system, hydrophilicity, in vitro digestion, particle size, sulfates, zeta potential
A novel delivery system was developed by coating dextran sulfate (DS) on the surface of amphiphilic chitosan derivative nanoliposome (DCMC-NL) through electrostatic interaction. DS coated DCMC-NL (DS-DCMC-NL) exhibited larger average particle size, lower polydispersity index, and more negative zeta potential, compared with DCMC-NL. DS-DCMC-NL exhibited good in vitro digestion stability, with no obvious variations on particle size under gastrointestinal tract environment, while DCMC-NL immediately formed sediment after being mixed with simulated intestinal fluid (SIF). EGCG as a hydrophilic model drug was encapsulated in DS-DCMC-NL, with a high encapsulation efficiency (90.8%). EGCG loaded DS-DCMC-NL (EG-DS-DCMC-NL) exhibited a relative good sustaining release property. The degradation of EGCG during SIF was effectively slowed by the encapsulation with DS-DCMC-NL. This study expects to provide a promising carrier for further application of EGCG.