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The Arabidopsis RING Domain Protein BOI Inhibits Flowering via CO-dependent and CO-independent Mechanisms

Nguyen, Khoa Thi, Park, Jeongmoo, Park, Eunae, Lee, Ilha, Choi, Giltsu
Molecular plant 2015 v.8 no.12 pp. 1725-1736
Arabidopsis thaliana, Botrytis, flowering, gene expression, genetic analysis, loci, messenger RNA, mutants, proteins
BOTRYTIS SUSCEPTIBLE1 INTERACTOR (BOI) and its three homologs (BOIs) are RING domain-containing proteins that repress flowering. Here, we investigated how BOIs repress flowering. Genetic analysis of the boiQ quadruple mutant indicates that BOIs repress flowering mainly through FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT). BOIs repress the expression of FT by CONSTANS (CO)-dependent and -independent mechanisms: in the CO-dependent mechanism, BOIs bind to CO, inhibit the targeting of CO to the FT locus, and thus repress the expression of FT; in the CO-independent mechanism, BOIs target the FT locus via a mechanism that requires DELLAs but not CO. This dual repression of FT makes BOIs strong repressors of flowering in both CO-dependent and CO-independent pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana. Our finding that BOIs inhibit CO targeting further suggests that, in addition to modulating CO mRNA expression and CO protein stability, flowering regulation can also modulate the targeting of CO to FT.