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28-days dietary supplementation with golden flaxseed improves biochemical and oxidative parameters in patients with metabolic syndrome

Pilar, Bruna Cocco, Güllich, Angélica Aparecida da Costa, Ströher, Deise Jaqueline, Zuravski, Luisa, Mezzomo, Juliana, Coelho, Ritiele Pinto, Faoro, Débora, Piccoli, Jacqueline da Costa Escobar, Manfredini, Vanusa
Journal of functional foods 2014 v.10 pp. 232-242
DNA damage, antioxidant activity, blood pressure, blood sampling, dietary supplements, glucose, kidneys, linseed, lipids, metabolic syndrome, oxidative stress, patients, proteins, urinalysis
The effects of supplementation with golden flaxseed for 28 days on anthropometric, blood pressure, biochemical and oxidative parameters in patients with metabolic syndrome (MS) were investigated. Twenty patients with MS and 24 healthy volunteers consumed 40 g of golden flaxseed daily for 28 days. Anthropometric and blood pressure measurements and fasting blood samples were taken before and after supplementation. Biochemical assays demonstrated significant reductions in lipid and glucose levels and cardiac, hepatic and kidney markers. Oxidative parameters showed significant reductions (p < 0.05) in oxidative damage to lipids and proteins and a significant improvement (p < 0.05) in enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant defenses. There were no significant differences in anthropometric parameters, blood pressure, urine analysis and DNA damage. Thus, golden flaxseed can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of patients with MS, as it improves biochemical and oxidative stress parameters.