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Effect of oil palm phenolics on gastrointestinal transit, contractility and motility in the rat

Patten, Glen S., Abeywardena, Mahinda Y., Sundram, Kalyana, Tan, Yew Ai, Sambanthamurthi, Ravigadevi
Journal of functional foods 2015 v.17 pp. 928-937
Elaeis guineensis, amylose, angiotensin I, colon, corn starch, dietary supplements, gallic acid, gastric emptying, gastrointestinal transit, polyphenols, potassium chloride, rats, resistant starch
The effects of a novel water soluble polyphenolics preparation (oil palm phenolics; OPP) on whole gastrointestinal transit, ex vivo proximal and distal colonic contractility and intact expulsion time in the distal colon were examined. Nine weeks of dietary supplementation with OPP at 50 mg gallic acid equivalents (GAE)/rat per day had no effect on gastric emptying compared to the control (AIN-93M), but 30% substituted high amylose maize starch (HAMS) used as a positive resistant starch control, had significantly higher gastric emptying compared to both control and OPP. OPP increased distal colonic contractile response to KCl, PGE2 and angiotensin I compared with the control, whilst HAMS also had similar increased contractile responses. This correlated with faster distal colonic expulsion rates for OPP and HAMS compared with the control. The present study revealed that OPP, like resistant starch, has positive effects on distal colonic contractility and motility with potential putative roles in bowel function and health.