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Triterpenoids and triterpenoid saponins from the aerial parts of Fagonia indica Burm

Farheen, Rabia, Siddiqui, Bina Shaheen, Mahmood, Iffat, Simjee, Shabana Usman, Majeed, Saba
Phytochemistry letters 2015 v.13 pp. 256-261
aerial parts, bioactive compounds, colorectal neoplasms, cytotoxicity, humans, medicinal plants, methanol, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, spectral analysis, triterpenoid saponins
As part of our search of new bioactive compounds from indigenous medicinal plants, phytochemical investigation of the aerial parts of Fagonia indica Burm led to the isolation of seven compounds including two new compounds, namely, indicacin (1) and fagonicin (2), and five known compounds (3–7) from the methanol extract. Compounds 6 and 7 are hitherto unreported from this plant. The structures of the new compounds were elucidated from their spectral data, mainly HREIMS, 1D NMR (1H, 13C NMR, and DEPT) and 2D NMR (COSY, NOESY, HSQC and HMBC), and by comparison with the literature data. The new compounds 1 and 2 were assayed for their cytotoxicity against human colorectal cancer cell line H-29. Compound 1 exhibited 51.40% cytotoxicity at 6.25μM/mL dose whereas compound 2 demonstrated 39.3% cytotoxicity at the same dose.