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Biological treatments as a mean to improve feed utilization in agriculture animals—An overview

Abdel-Aziz, Nahla A, Salem, Abdelfattah Z M, El-Adawy, Mounir M, Camacho, Luis M, Kholif, Ahmed E, Elghandour, Mona M Y, Borhami, Borhami E
Journal of integrative agriculture 2015 v.14 no.3 pp. 534-543
byproducts, crude fiber, crude protein, enzymes, feed conversion, feeds, nutritive value, ruminants
As a result of agriculture practices, million tons of agriculture are produced as a secondary or by-products; however, with low nutritive values. Many methods are applied to improve the nutritive value and increase its utilization in ruminant's nutrition. The biological treatments are the most common with more safe-treated products. In most cases, the biological treatments are paralleled with decreased crude fiber and fiber fractions content with increased crude protein content. Direct-fed microbial and exogenous enzymes to animal are other ways of biological methods for improving nutritive value of feeds. Here in this review, we will try to cover the biological treatments of by-products from different sides view with different types of animals and different animal end-products.