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Global Analysis of Cytosine Methylation and Proteome Under Cold Treatment in Brassica napus

WEI, Fang, HU, Jie, CUI, Ming-zhu, ZHANG, Yan-hui, LI, Yun-ling, TIAN, Bao-ming
Journal of integrative agriculture 2014 v.13 no.10 pp. 2170-2176
Brassica napus, DNA methylation, cold treatment, electrophoresis, gene expression, protein synthesis, proteins, proteome, proteomics
Cytosine methylation/demethylation plays pivotal roles in regulating gene expression at a genome-wide level. However, limited reports are available to reveal correlating changes of cytosine methylation and proteomic expression in Brassica napus so far. Therefore, in the present study, global cytosine methylation and proteome were analysed in B. napus after cold treatment by methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism (MSAP) and two-dimensional protein electrophoresis technology (2-DE). The results showed that the lowered genome-wide DNA methylation status was revealed after cold treatment, and about 0.88% of discrepancy in DNA methylation was detected between the non-flowering and flowering plants after cold treatment. Moreover, the 52 significantly up-regulated proteins emerged in comparison with the 36 down-regulated proteins, as well as the 14 proteins exclusively detected in the flowering plants. Intriguingly the 8 specifically expressed proteins in the non-flowering plants disappeared in the flowering plants with cold treatment. Therefore, these present data proved that the correlating changes of cytosine methylation and proteomic expression were evidenced under cold treatment in B. napus.