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Current status and trends of wheat genetic transformation studies in China

HE, Yi, WANG, Qiong, ZENG, Jian, SUN, Tao, YANG, Guang-xiao, HE, Guang-yuan
Journal of integrative agriculture 2015 v.14 no.3 pp. 438-452
biosafety, breeding, genes, genetic engineering, genetic transformation, genetically modified organisms, genomics, methodology, wheat, China
More than 20 years have passed since the first report on successful genetic transformation of wheat. With the establishment and improvement of transformation platform, great progresses have been made on wheat genetic transformation both on its fundamental and applied studies in China, especially driven by the National Major Project for Transgenic Organism Breeding, China, initiated in 2008. In this review, wheat genetic transformation platform improvement and transgenic research progresses including new techniques applied and functional studies of wheat quality, yield and stress tolerant related genes and biosafety assessment are summarized. The existing problems and the trends in wheat transformation with traditional methods combined with genomic studies and genome editing technology are also discussed.